New lights to reduce K L energy use by 72 percent

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New lights to reduce K L energy use by 72 percent

Post by Riskynet » Fri Oct 10, 2014 8:41 am

KIRKLAND LAKE - The town of Kirkland Lake was able to source additional money to change the town's lighting system over to more efficient LED lights.

At council Tuesday Kirkland Lake CAO Nancy Allick said when they heard that more funding might be available they delayed the start of the project and because the project hadn't commenced the town was eligible for more money. Originally the town was to receive 31,206 and by delaying the project by two weeks the town received $104,771.

All of the lights for the project, which also includes replacing the lights in the Joe Mavrinac Community Complex, are in town and it is expected the project will start next few weeks.

Kohut Electric is one of the companies that has been contracted to work on the installation of the lights. Allick said with the installation of the new LED lights the town's energy bill is expected to drop by 72 percent. ... 72-percent

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